Integrated Marketing Communications Plan: Little Trendyz


About Little Trendyz

When Lisa Feder Youngelson realized lining up the snaps on a onesie or abrupt exposing her new baby to the cold weren’t exactly ideal for changing diapers, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Founding Little Trendyz in 2011, Lisa developed a patent-pending footed pajama with three snaps on the chest and a zipper from foot to belly called the Zippyz. This unique design enables a parent or caregiver to quickly change a baby’s diaper without completely undressing him or her and without having to line up snaps correctly. This products lends itself well to the brand’s tagline: More cuddles, less fuss.

As a new mom, Lisa has taken an idea and grown it into a successful business. For this project, I have developed an integrated marketing communications plan for Little Trendyz for the first quarter of 2014. While I cannot post the entire plan on this blog, it will include an evaluation of the company’s website, blog, social media accounts, and events, as well as supply several ideas to improve its current marketing tactics and ideas for new strategies. Zippyz is a product that should be a household name for any American family with a new baby. Now it’s time to take this brand to the next level.

Target Audience

As a company that sells footed pajamas for babies, Little Trendyz obvious target audience is moms, which is great! The reason? Moms are usually the “buyers” in their households. In fact, women make 85% of the purchasing decisions in a household and they tend to be the most active on social networks.  Beyond marketing to just moms, Little Trendyz should include anyone who primarily cares for newborns or interacts with moms who do. This could include, relatives of young families, daycare centers, children’s hospitals, and babysitters.

SWOT Analysis

This is a brief, high-level SWOT analysis to provide more of the “big picture” around this brand.


  • Zippyz is a great product. Made from quality materials, it can withstand substantial “wear and tear” and is soft on babies sometimes sensitive skin.
  • Lisa is a “real” mom, so consumers can trust her idea and product development.
  • It’s easy. The product makes mom’s or caregiver’s lives easier by helping with diaper changing time. This will be attractive to any potential customers.


  • Zippyz is not a household brand… yet!
  • At $24 each, the product is priced a little higher than similar footed pajamas from name brand companies, including Carter’s ($10-$15) and Kohl’s ($12-$16).

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.46.08 PMOpportunity

  • Create celebrity endorsements. We know Gulianna Rancic (pictured) loves the product, let’s get her to officially endorse it and promote it.
  • Develop strategic partnerships. See if you can join forces with a local children’s hospital to provide Zippyz for every newborn to go home from the hospital in, or provide a gift card to be placed in a gift bag for moms when they go home. The brand could also make a donation to moms-in-need, which could garner media coverage and boost the company’s profile.
  • Attend industry trade shows to showcase the quality of the product, this may help with pricing comparisons and get the brand more national attention.
  • Improve website content and SEO.
  • Enhance the brand’s blog, by developing a content strategy and even ask for “guest” bloggers.
  • Create mom testimonials to be featured on the website and promote on social media sites.


  • Lots of competition in the market can make it hard to get noticed.
  • Until the patent is approved, could face imitation products.
  • Cheaper footed pajamas available nationwide.

The Benefits of IMC

Little Trendyz can benefit from an integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy because it has a great product to sell. That’s the first step toward success. Zippyz is also a product that is easy to market because the target audience is so broad. Who doesn’t know someone with a baby? We all go to baby showers and Zippyz can now become that go-to gift for any new moms.

In a world where consumers are inundated with marketing materials, businesses can use IMC to connect with a variety of consumers and utilize different marketing tactics, all while sharing the same message. With social media, email marketing, and mobile there are several new ways to market to consumers. And usually it’s at a cheaper cost than traditional marketing strategies. This is especially helpful for small or new businesses.

Still not convinced of the benefits of IMC? Steve Olenski provides some perspective on the ever-changing marketing world and helps break down the benefits.

Little Trendyz is ahead of the marketing game by already having a website and a presence on some social media sites. This will help the brand hone it on its messaging and reach. I have the full confidence that with a little creativity, Zippyz and Little Trendyz will be in the home of every new family in the country soon enough.


Let’s Link Up on LinkedIn


Are you a working professional? Do you have a job, but are looking to showcase your accomplishments? Are you job hunting? These are just a few of the reasons you should be on LinkedIn. As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has 225 million members in over 200 countries. It’s a great outlet to connect with former colleagues, current colleagues, and future employers.

LinkedIn provides users with a way to showcase their resume in a new way, by not only writing about work experience, but also showcasing work. It also allows users to endorse the skills of others and write recommendations. It really takes the resume to a whole new level.

LinkedIn also provides an endless variety of professional groups. By joining a group in your preferred field or a field you’d like to work in, a user can make connections and learn more. Groups can help users stay informed about changing industries and figure out who the influencers are in certain professions, either nationally or in their local communities.

On my LinkedIn profile, I highlight my work experience in both broadcast journalism and healthcare marketing. My “summary” section is up to date and complete, while my work experience blurbs are also detailed. This can help with keyword searches for specific jobs or qualifications. I’ve already had several potential employers contact me because of my LinkedIn profile. I also showcase some of my recent work projects and highlight the fact that I am currently enrolled in a master’s program about social media marketing. My “skills and expertise” have been endorsed by many people, which I feel helps a potential employer see that my current and past colleagues will vouch for my experience.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

ModCloth Does Push and Pull Marketing Well

If you couldn’t tell by last week’s blog, I love ModCloth. Beyond what they offer from a fashion standpoint, the company knows who its consumers are and as one of them, I appreciate the connection I feel from the brand. ModCloth does a great job of balancing both “push” and “pull” marketing techniques.

Push Marketing Techniques

Weekly email blast from ModCloth

Weekly email blast from ModCloth

When it comes to push marketing, ModCloth does various things. Consumers and allowed and encouraged to sign up for weekly email blasts. The emails vary when it comes to content, but usually provide consumers with exclusive offers, ways to further engage with the company, and new trends. This weeks e-blast promoted items the consumer “can’t find anywhere else!” Is that true? Who knows, but if you like their products, chances are as a loyal customer you would believe them and be more apt to buy something from them.

Any successful marketing strategy hinges on content and ModCloth does a great job of producing and utilizing fresh content. The blog site is updated nearly every day by several bloggers, producing content on a variety of topics. This helps engage consumers who may share similar interests or have different interests all together.

As I mentioned last week, ModCloth also makes it easy for consumers to become part of the company, and have a voice in what items are sold via the online store. There are several references and links on the site to “join the ModCloth community.” It’s very easy for users to navigate the site and engage. The “community” feeling is also a great way to enhance loyalty and brand preference.

Pull Marketing Techniques

Sponsored ad on Facebook

Sponsored ad on Facebook

ModCloth also uses pull marketing techniques to promote the business and engage with consumers. For instance, on Facebook, ModCloth often has sponsored ads that pop up in users’ newsfeeds and on the right side of the Facebook homepage. I’ve also noticed recently more Facebook events popping up for the company. The most recent one I saw promoted a Game Night themed event. Not only it is a chance for consumers to interact with the company in person, but it also allows the company to promote some if it’s new items through an event, instead of just through their traditional website.

No. 3 non-paid search on Google for "vintage inspired clothing"

No. 3 non-paid search on Google for “vintage inspired clothing”

ModCloth also does a great job with SEO. When I put in a generic search for “vintage inspired clothing” into Google ModCloth popped up as the third non-paid result. Not bad for a company that started as a hobby in a college dorm room. The company is obviously conscious of SEO and allowing users who many not know of the brand find it easily through a simple search engine search.

Mobile and Social

ModCloth app Promotion

ModCloth app Promotion

ModCloth Mobile Site

ModCloth Mobile Site

ModCloth also does a great job of connecting with consumers on mobile and social media outlets. It has an app for both the iPad and iPhone, which is promoted in many areas of the website, as well as in the weekly emails.  It also has a mobile website, which makes it easy for users to navigate which on their smartphones if they do not have the app downloaded. If companies are not creating responsive website designs or acknowledging the importance of mobile sites they are missing the boat since many consumers now search the internet via smartphones.

ModCloth also make a conscious effort to connect its consumers to all its social media networks. I’ve always thought Modcloth does a great job of using different social networks and in the correct way. They don’t just post the same content on each social network. While many are similar posts, you can tell each post if targeted for that specific social network and its users.

ModCloth makes it easy for users to find and connect with its social networks from the website.

ModCloth makes it easy for users to find and connect with its social networks from the website.

Overall, I think ModCloth is doing a great job of balancing both push and pull marketing strategies. While I think the company does a great job of pushing it’s social networks, I could see them incorporating more direct promotion of specific networks on its website homepage slider. For instance, if they start a new Pinterest board, they could promote it in the homepage slider to generate more pins and follows. I always look forward to what new products are being promoted each week, and I find myself using all of ModCloth’s networks to stay engaged with the company. In the marketing world, I think ModCloth is #Winning!