Reputation Management: Sample Responses to Consumer Reviews

This post is for a school assignment. The images below were provided and the responses below were crafted by me, as if I was the social media manager at each hotel. The responses are not real. 

Example #1

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.26.40 AM


Thank you for taking the time to provide our hotel with feedback from your recent stay. First, let me apologize for the fact that your stay did not meet your expectations. At the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and highest quality of hospitality. It is clear that this did not happen during your stay and that is unacceptable.

I can assure that we take all of your feedback seriously and will be making significant changes to our facility and our accommodations. I can tell you that we’ve already changed the maintenance schedule for our pool so there is never a time when it will be unattended.

I would love to discuss your feedback in more depth with you. Please contact me directly and hopefully we can right this situation for future stays and future guests.

Thanks again for your feedback,

Laura Markowski

Social Media Manager, The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

Example #2

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.27.04 AM

Dear Travelwith3kiddos,

Thank your for providing us with feedback from your stay back in August. It is great to hear from our guests, both first-timers and returning.  While we have recently transitioned into the Hyatt Regency Orlando, I can assure you, customer service and hospitality remain our most important priority.

We have taken all of your feedback and suggestions seriously. In fact, our pool staff has implemented a new “after storm” cleanup schedule to better meet the needs and expectations of our guests. We plan to incorporate other chanegs from your feedback as well.

We hope that you will visit us again soon, for business or pleasure and check out some of our new accommodations and amenities, including the highly-rated Fiorenza Italian Steakhouse (The chicken franchaise is a personal favorite!). Please feel free to contact me directly with any other suggestions or feedback.

Take care,

Laura Markowski

Social Media Manager, Hyatt Regency Orlando


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