Inspiring Multimedia Communications

It today’s digital world, multimedia communication is key to the success of any business. With the popularity and growth of new digital and social media platforms, businesses small or large can benefit from a multimedia communications professional. I’m your girl! With experience in broadcast journalism, marketing, and social media, I’ve worked with several different communications platforms and accomplished a range of goals. Let me help take your communications strategies to a whole new level.


As a news producer I was part of a Peabody award-winning team for our coverage of the Virginia Tech April 16, 2007 massacre. While I would give all the awards we won back in a second to have prevented that tragedy, working in that type of breaking news situation helped mold me as a multimedia communicator. Beyond writing scripts for constant broadcasting, I was able to communicate with a packed newsroom, reporters in the field, and the public. Working as a team we were able to provide accurate information and keep our community constantly updated on a developing situation.

While at WSLS my skills stretched into the digital world as well. I learned how to use content management systems for online stories and updates, and was the first producer to incorporate social media into live newscasts. As a result, I was tasked with developing an interactive 7 p.m. newscast, which included viewer feedback from social media networks and a live nightly web chat, which I moderated. It was a great way to see which stories viewers were drawn to and get that immediate feedback from our community.

Marketing and Social Media

Now working for western Virginia’s largest healthcare employer, Carilion Clinic, I oversee marketing communications and strategy for Cardiac Services and the Department of Medicine Services.

My job responsibilities include:

  • Marketing new physicians and services
  • Business plan development
  • Data research and market share
  • Communications planning
  • And more!

Due to my previous experience, I’ve also been the project manager over Carilion Clinic Living health and wellness segments. These one-minute segments air on local television stations, as well as on Carilion’s website. Each is aimed at providing information the public may find interesting, while featuring some of our healthcare providers as experts in their respective fields.

I also monitor and maintain all of Carilion’s social media networks, which include:

In the last two years, each network has seen significant growth and engagement. Our social media network analytics are now part of our annual department scorecard. Beyond monitoring each network and responding to comments, I’ve developed a content calendar to coordinate posts across all our services and highlight different information at appropriate times of the day. This calendar includes links to articles, videos, health tips, and more. Posts are strategically crafted to each social network and posted during peak times.

View more of my work from Carilion here!

I’d love to help you broaden your multimedia communications. Let’s connect:




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