ModCloth Does Multimedia Communications Right

Hi, my name is Laura Markowski and I’m addicted to online shopping. To be more specific, I’m addicted to ModCloth. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, I’ll explain how this online thrift store which has grown into a million dollar business is using multimedia communications to reach customers.

I stumbled across ModCloth a couple of years ago after seeing a Facebook ad (see they do work sometimes). I love vintage-inspired style and for the most part ModCloth offers affordable pricing. A win, win for me.Image

After logging on to the website, the first few things I noticed besides the normal shopping site categories, were that ModCloth seems to really promote engagement with its customers. By asking customers to “Join the ModCloth Community” they clearly want engagement from their customers beyond great reviews. Image

In their “Be the Buyer” section, customers can sign up to review new designers’ items and ultimately have a voice in which items are featured and sold on the site. Besides picking items, users can also leave comments on styles and products that can be displayed next to the item, if chosen. For those of us who dream of working in fashion, but may never get the chance, this type of feature helps fulfill a girl’s dream! And for the company probably translate into more conversions. We all know loyal, engaged customers are what help make businesses successful.

ImageAnother thing ModCloth seems to do well is blogging. “Story by ModCloth” features blogs on fashion, beauty, lifestyle topics and more. Besides fashion topics, ModCloth really positions itself as a hub for anything its customers want. I would assume its target audience is young females, and the blogs cater to that demographic. Not only do I think to read about fashion trends and news, but it’s great to get DIY tips and home decorating tips in the same place. ModCloth is more than an online clothing store, it’s a style hub for those of us who enjoy everything vintage-inspired.

Besides ModCloth’s engaging website, the online store utilizes social media to its benefit. I’ve mentioned their presence on Facebook, but you can also find ModCloth on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. Each social network is very active and engaging. Most posts ask for customer feedback or try to prompt engagement, usually in the form of a question.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 12.08.05 PM

ImageModCloth, like many online businesses, uses email to keep customers engaged and ultimately trying filling up those virtual shopping carts. I receive weekly email updates on new arrivals, fashion news, and sale items. While I do follow ModCloth on all of its social networks, email reminders are usually what gets me back on the site and browsing. It’s an instant reminder that there are new items to review or maybe sale items I’ve been eyeing up for weeks. My budget doesn’t always allow me to click after receiving each email, but I will say it does remind me to browse more often than not.

ModCloth is a company that started in a dorm room, now it’s a thriving million dollar business. It’s capitalized on turning a niche market, vintage thrift shopping, into a mass market business. By featuring different items, by independent designer, it’s created it’s own social network of users and ultimately of loyal customers. ModCloth has succeeded at the No. 1 rule in business and in communications: know your audience. ModCloth knows who its shoppers are and their brand voice reflects that – stylish, affordable, and approachable.  Mashable did this great article on ModCloth recently that can provide even more context into the business and how far its come.

ImageAnd beyond loving ModCloth’s products, messaging, and overall “feel” its mascot is Winston the Pug. Enough said. 🙂


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