Integrated Marketing Communications Plan: Little Trendyz


About Little Trendyz

When Lisa Feder Youngelson realized lining up the snaps on a onesie or abrupt exposing her new baby to the cold weren’t exactly ideal for changing diapers, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Founding Little Trendyz in 2011, Lisa developed a patent-pending footed pajama with three snaps on the chest and a zipper from foot to belly called the Zippyz. This unique design enables a parent or caregiver to quickly change a baby’s diaper without completely undressing him or her and without having to line up snaps correctly. This products lends itself well to the brand’s tagline: More cuddles, less fuss.

As a new mom, Lisa has taken an idea and grown it into a successful business. For this project, I have developed an integrated marketing communications plan for Little Trendyz for the first quarter of 2014. While I cannot post the entire plan on this blog, it will include an evaluation of the company’s website, blog, social media accounts, and events, as well as supply several ideas to improve its current marketing tactics and ideas for new strategies. Zippyz is a product that should be a household name for any American family with a new baby. Now it’s time to take this brand to the next level.

Target Audience

As a company that sells footed pajamas for babies, Little Trendyz obvious target audience is moms, which is great! The reason? Moms are usually the “buyers” in their households. In fact, women make 85% of the purchasing decisions in a household and they tend to be the most active on social networks.  Beyond marketing to just moms, Little Trendyz should include anyone who primarily cares for newborns or interacts with moms who do. This could include, relatives of young families, daycare centers, children’s hospitals, and babysitters.

SWOT Analysis

This is a brief, high-level SWOT analysis to provide more of the “big picture” around this brand.


  • Zippyz is a great product. Made from quality materials, it can withstand substantial “wear and tear” and is soft on babies sometimes sensitive skin.
  • Lisa is a “real” mom, so consumers can trust her idea and product development.
  • It’s easy. The product makes mom’s or caregiver’s lives easier by helping with diaper changing time. This will be attractive to any potential customers.


  • Zippyz is not a household brand… yet!
  • At $24 each, the product is priced a little higher than similar footed pajamas from name brand companies, including Carter’s ($10-$15) and Kohl’s ($12-$16).

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.46.08 PMOpportunity

  • Create celebrity endorsements. We know Gulianna Rancic (pictured) loves the product, let’s get her to officially endorse it and promote it.
  • Develop strategic partnerships. See if you can join forces with a local children’s hospital to provide Zippyz for every newborn to go home from the hospital in, or provide a gift card to be placed in a gift bag for moms when they go home. The brand could also make a donation to moms-in-need, which could garner media coverage and boost the company’s profile.
  • Attend industry trade shows to showcase the quality of the product, this may help with pricing comparisons and get the brand more national attention.
  • Improve website content and SEO.
  • Enhance the brand’s blog, by developing a content strategy and even ask for “guest” bloggers.
  • Create mom testimonials to be featured on the website and promote on social media sites.


  • Lots of competition in the market can make it hard to get noticed.
  • Until the patent is approved, could face imitation products.
  • Cheaper footed pajamas available nationwide.

The Benefits of IMC

Little Trendyz can benefit from an integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy because it has a great product to sell. That’s the first step toward success. Zippyz is also a product that is easy to market because the target audience is so broad. Who doesn’t know someone with a baby? We all go to baby showers and Zippyz can now become that go-to gift for any new moms.

In a world where consumers are inundated with marketing materials, businesses can use IMC to connect with a variety of consumers and utilize different marketing tactics, all while sharing the same message. With social media, email marketing, and mobile there are several new ways to market to consumers. And usually it’s at a cheaper cost than traditional marketing strategies. This is especially helpful for small or new businesses.

Still not convinced of the benefits of IMC? Steve Olenski provides some perspective on the ever-changing marketing world and helps break down the benefits.

Little Trendyz is ahead of the marketing game by already having a website and a presence on some social media sites. This will help the brand hone it on its messaging and reach. I have the full confidence that with a little creativity, Zippyz and Little Trendyz will be in the home of every new family in the country soon enough.


Let’s Link Up on LinkedIn


Are you a working professional? Do you have a job, but are looking to showcase your accomplishments? Are you job hunting? These are just a few of the reasons you should be on LinkedIn. As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has 225 million members in over 200 countries. It’s a great outlet to connect with former colleagues, current colleagues, and future employers.

LinkedIn provides users with a way to showcase their resume in a new way, by not only writing about work experience, but also showcasing work. It also allows users to endorse the skills of others and write recommendations. It really takes the resume to a whole new level.

LinkedIn also provides an endless variety of professional groups. By joining a group in your preferred field or a field you’d like to work in, a user can make connections and learn more. Groups can help users stay informed about changing industries and figure out who the influencers are in certain professions, either nationally or in their local communities.

On my LinkedIn profile, I highlight my work experience in both broadcast journalism and healthcare marketing. My “summary” section is up to date and complete, while my work experience blurbs are also detailed. This can help with keyword searches for specific jobs or qualifications. I’ve already had several potential employers contact me because of my LinkedIn profile. I also showcase some of my recent work projects and highlight the fact that I am currently enrolled in a master’s program about social media marketing. My “skills and expertise” have been endorsed by many people, which I feel helps a potential employer see that my current and past colleagues will vouch for my experience.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

Analyzing Facebook Insights and Email Analytics

For this week’s assignment, we were asked to analyze the Facebook insights and email analytics for “ABC Company.” This company is a health-oriented organization based in central Florida. In addition to Facebook, it has Twitter and Pinterest accounts, as well as, a YouTube channel. It also sends out a bi-weekly e-newsletter. facebook-insights-icon-resized-600Facebook Insights are the social network’s version of webpage analytics. Insights allow page administrators to keep track of information, such as page views, unique views, fan demographics, engagement, and more on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This feature allows administrators to better understand the user trends for their pages, which can help with content development and marketing strategy. When looking at ABC Company’s Facebook Insights a couple of things stood out to me. Over a month’s span, the number of page “likes” increased, but the number of people “talking” about the page was down. The demographics, not surprisingly, for a health-oriented company swing toward females, ages 25-34. The insights also show that the company never uses “paid posts” and many people are not finding the page via Google search. The company may want to consider including some Facebook ads, or boosted or sponsored ads to increase the brand’s visibility. It may also help to run some sort of “check-in” promotion. Many health clubs or facilities here in southwest Virginia, where I live, do this and then offer deals or coupons for individuals who check in. It could definitely boost engagement and the popularity of the page. When it comes to content posts, the Insights show decent reach, but very few people sharing or talking about the information. Even though I can’t see all of the posts’ content, the two most popular posts seem to do with awareness days, including National Cancer Survivor Day and Memorial Day. Since this type of content tends to do well with its audience, the company should look to raise more awareness for health-related causes or community causes. Since the company does have other social media channels, it should definitely cross-promote and incorporate all of the channels on a regular basis. They should promote YouTube videos on the Facebook wall and website. Tweet about events and link back to Facebook event pages for more information. Promote new Pinterest boards or pins that may be relevant to a specific cause or health topic. email-analyticsAs for the company’s email analytics, all of the numbers seem pretty poor to me. Of the 2,624 total emails sent during one week only 25% were opened and only about 11% of users clicked on a link. The most telling stat: 0% conversation rate. So, these emails are not translating into any type of conversion or ROI. This is not good for a company. I would encourage the company to improve the call-to-actions in each email. Make it easier and more valuable for consumers to convert or make a purchase. They can also offer special promotions to those on its email list. If a consumer feels special, or that they are getting something a regular in-person consumer cannot, they may be more apt to make a purchase. From both of these analytics tools, I believe companies can make real changes to how they decide to market to target audiences. It’s nice to be able to check on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis what type of posts and content resonate with consumers. Every company should be taking advantage of these tools.

Reputation Management: Sample Responses to Consumer Reviews

This post is for a school assignment. The images below were provided and the responses below were crafted by me, as if I was the social media manager at each hotel. The responses are not real. 

Example #1

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.26.40 AM


Thank you for taking the time to provide our hotel with feedback from your recent stay. First, let me apologize for the fact that your stay did not meet your expectations. At the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and highest quality of hospitality. It is clear that this did not happen during your stay and that is unacceptable.

I can assure that we take all of your feedback seriously and will be making significant changes to our facility and our accommodations. I can tell you that we’ve already changed the maintenance schedule for our pool so there is never a time when it will be unattended.

I would love to discuss your feedback in more depth with you. Please contact me directly and hopefully we can right this situation for future stays and future guests.

Thanks again for your feedback,

Laura Markowski

Social Media Manager, The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

Example #2

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.27.04 AM

Dear Travelwith3kiddos,

Thank your for providing us with feedback from your stay back in August. It is great to hear from our guests, both first-timers and returning.  While we have recently transitioned into the Hyatt Regency Orlando, I can assure you, customer service and hospitality remain our most important priority.

We have taken all of your feedback and suggestions seriously. In fact, our pool staff has implemented a new “after storm” cleanup schedule to better meet the needs and expectations of our guests. We plan to incorporate other chanegs from your feedback as well.

We hope that you will visit us again soon, for business or pleasure and check out some of our new accommodations and amenities, including the highly-rated Fiorenza Italian Steakhouse (The chicken franchaise is a personal favorite!). Please feel free to contact me directly with any other suggestions or feedback.

Take care,

Laura Markowski

Social Media Manager, Hyatt Regency Orlando

Event Marketing: 2013 ISPA Conference & Expo

As we learned this week, some people refer to trade shows and conventions as the “original social media platform.” It’s true these types of events lend well to social media marketing and reaching a mass amount of people in different ways. Just recently, Oct. 21 through Oct. 23, the International Spa Association‘s annual conference and expo was held in Las Vegas.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.00.48 PM

On top of creating a separate website for the event, ISPA utilized social media before, during, and after the expo to help market it. The association’s social networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs.

BeforeScreen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.29.16 PM

Before the conference even got underway, the association created a hashtag, #ISPA2013, to group all of its related content on social networks together. Having this specific hashtag also helped attendees and vendors contribute to content surrounding the event. On Facebook, the association’s page was full of content surrounding the event, including information about speakers, vendors, and tips for attendees.

The organization also tried to hype the event in the hours before it kicked off. I think this is a great way to give attendees a “behind-the-scenes” look at an event they’ll be attending and it can also showcase a staff that is excited for an event to be successful. Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.25.39 PMAnother benefit, the event can give a nod to the venue where its being held. In this case, it makes sense to show off the Mandalay Bay Resort and Las Vegas, since for many people this would be a destination-type conference.

On Twitter, ISPA also made use of #ISPA2013, but also #GrowYourWorld which was the theme of this year’s event. Prior to the show, many of the tweets were similar to the ones that were posted on Facebook. I’m sure the staff had the accounts connected. Most included links about the conference schedule, speakers, and vendors.

On Instagram, ISPA did a great job of creating hype before the conference, by highlighting images for a countdown to the conference. It also included images of items that would be included in a silent auction and goodie bags for attendees. These types of visuals can definitely generate buzz around an event.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.43.34 PM

On Pinterest, ISPA created a specific board just for this annual event. Some pins highlighted general event information, but others included:


Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.57.00 PMOnce the conference and expo got underway, the amount of social media posts increased dramatically. This was especially true on Twitter (probably because of the real-time nature of the social network).

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.57.10 PMThere were updates from the moment the event began. Many including information about what was happening at that moment and what attendees (or anyone following) had to look forward to in the hours and days to come. Twitter was also an outlet for ISPA to thank the speakers and vendors for making it a success.

I was kind of hoping once the event got underway, ISPA would start blowing up Instagram with a lot of image-based updates. While it did post pictures of things like book signings, silent auction items, and different booths, I think that real-time effect of Instagram was sort of lost. However, many people attending did take advantage of the specialized hashtag and documented their own comings and goings at the event. And ISPA did a great job of featuring this stream on its website. Many of these posts came from vendors, highlighting their products or booths. It’s important to remember, even if you’re not the one putting on the event, if you’re there you want to make it easy for attendees to find you or to be attracted to your products.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 6.13.36 PMOn Facebook, ISPA did a great job of keeping content fresh during the event. Organizers not only posted important scheduling information, but also posted reminders for attendees and promoted specific events, such as the silent auction and booking an appointment in the “relaxation area.” ISPA also did a great job of encouraging others to engage over it’s social networks. When it comes to social media, sometimes it’s nice to get someone else’s perspective of an event. As an organizer, it’s important to take note of what attendees like and maybe what suggestions they offer through posts.


Once the event concluded, ISPA used its social networks to gage attendees experiences and also thank those involved. It also encouraged attendees to keep the conversation going and continue to share their conference experiences.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 6.20.29 PM

On Facebook, ISPA stuck with the events theme and asked those who attended to share how their grew from the event. Those posts would then be featured in an upcoming blog, which I think is a great idea for generating quality and beneficial content.

IMC Highlights and Lowlights

When it comes to an integrated marketing strategy, I think ISPA did a great job of having a presence on many social platforms, but also creating a specific website for the event, and highlighting it in the organization’s magazine publication, Pulse. ISPA also promotes a newsletter on its website, so I’m sure that newsletter featured information about the event prior, and will do so afterward as well. Like with many conferences nowadays, ISPA also created a mobile app for attendees, which I think is smart. This can help attendees navigate the event, but also stay updated on any announcements, changes, or special offers. The organization did promote the event on other industry sites and Las Vegas tourism sites which can broaden interest for an event and reach an audience that may not be familiar with the annual event, but interested in attending.

The branding was consistent across all platforms and the use of the special hashtag were beneficial. But overall, I was kind of disappointed. I’m not sure what kind of staffing they had, but I thought all of the social networks could have been utilized more and each could have been cross promoted. Instagram was really the only social network highlighted on the event’s website. There should have been multiple social streams for constant updates. The website should have been the hub for those interested for anything about the event. I also didn’t see one video posted during the event. With the integration of video on Instagram, this could have been easily accomplished. And even since the event ended, not one new video has been posted to the organization’s YouTube page. I think this is a missed opportunity. It should at least pull together a video that highlights the event, so it could be used to promote next year’s event to potential vendors and attendees.

I did notice ISPA already has the dates posted for next year’s event, which is great. Hopefully, it can continue to grow its IMC and social media efforts in the years to come! It looks like a great event. I mean who doesn’t love a good spa?!

If I Ruled the Animal Kingdom…

animal-kingdom_logoDisney’s Animal Kingdom, that is, and by “ruled” I mean plan social media.

Part of this week’s assignment was to plan social media content for the Facebook and Twitter pages of Disney’s Animal Kingdom during the month of December. I established the below four goals for what I hope my content would bring to the theme park’s social media presence.


  • Grow overall engagement on both Twitter and Facebook
  • Encourage visitors to share pictures (their own stories)
  • Determine which exhibits resonate the most with our social audience
  • Educator our social audience on Disney’s commitment to conservation

About Disney’s Animal Kingdom

As the largest animal theme park in the world, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to more than 1,700 animals encompassing 250 species. Visitors can explore seven lands, including Oasis, Discovery Island, Camp Minnie-Mickey, Africa, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, Asia, and DinoLand, U.S.A., all while learning about the world’s wildlife and supporting Walt Disney’s passion for wildlife conservation. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park Overview Video

Social Media Posts

Sunday, Dec. 1

DAK_MickeysJingleJungleParadeFacebook: Happy December everyone! Get into the holiday spirit with Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade! This colorful and festive parade include dancers and many of your favorite Disney characters. It’s sure to be fun for the whole family! Check out the parade route here! (Post includes link to parade route and picture.)

Twitter: Join Mickey and friends for a safari-themed holiday parade! Check out Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade route here. #disneyholidays (Post includes shortened url to parade route.)

Monday, Dec. 2

Facebook: Snap a picture of your family at your favorite Animal Kingdom exhibit and you’ll be entered to win four, one-day passes to the park! Make sure to include #animaniacs in your post and the winning entry will be announced on Dec. 31! (Post will include graphic -similar to below- with link to full contest rules)

Twitter: Win 4 day passes to the #animalkingdom! Snap a picture at your favorite exhibit and tweet us with #animaniacs to enter. Winner announced Dec. 1 (Post will include link to full contest rules)


Tuesday, Dec. 3

Facebook: True or False: The Oasis Exhibits include barking deer and a spoonbill. #TriviaTuesday (Post will include a link to the Oasis Exhibits homepage)

Twitter: True or False: The Oasis Exhibits include barking deer and a spoonbill? #TriviaTuesday RT your answer!

DAK_WildlifeWednesdayWednesday, Dec. 4

Facebook: Worldwide conservation leaders gather at Disney World to focus on ‘one plan’ approach to help wildlife. #WildlifeWednesday (Post includes link to blog entry)

Twitter:  Worldwide #conservation leaders gather at Disney World to focus on ‘one plan’ approach to help wildlife. #WildlifeWednesday (Post includes shortened link to blog entry)

Thursday, Dec. 5

DAK_ExpeditionEverestFacebook: Sign up today for a chance to tour Expedition Everest with a member of the Walt Disney Imagineering team. (Post would include link to blog post, which includes form for people to fill out and win a chance for the tour)

Twitter: Sign up today for a chance to tour #ExpeditionEverest with a member of the Walt Disney Imagineering team. (Post would include shortened link to blog post)

Friday, Dec. 6 

Facebook: Celebrate Simba, the lion cub who would become king, with us! Buy your tickets to the Festival of the Lion King musical that’s sure to be fun for the whole family. (Post would include link to purchase tickets online).

DAK_FestivaloftheLionKingTwitter: Go ape for our Festival of the Lion King musical! Buy your tickets today and #actlikeananimal (Post would include shortened link to purchase tickets online)

Saturday, Dec. 7

Facebook: Don’t forget! Snap a picture of your family at your favorite Animal Kingdom exhibit and you’ll be entered to win four, one-day passes to the park! Make sure to include #animaniacs in your post and the winning entry will be announced on Dec. 31! (Post will include graphic promoting contest and link to full rules)

Twitter: Win 4 free day passes! Snap a picture at your favorite park exhibit and tweet us with #animaniacs to enter. Winner will be announced Dec. 1 (Post will include link to full rules)

DAK_FindingNemo2Sunday, Dec. 8

Facebook: Are your kids ready to go on a sea adventure with Nemo and Dory? Buy tickets today to Finding Nemo and swim away into a world of underwater fantasy and learning. (Post would include link to buy tickets online)

DAK_FindingNemoShowTwitter: Are your kids ready to go on a sea adventure with Nemo and Dory? Buy tickets today #FindingNemo (Post would include shortened link to buy tickets online)

Monday, Dec. 9

Facebook: Did you know? The Great Horned Owl doesn’t have horns at all, the two things sticking up from their heads are tufts of feathers called Plumicorns. #animalfacts (Post would include link to “Flights or Wonder” show)

Twitter: The Great Horned Owl doesn’t have horns. Say what?!? The two things sticking up from their heads are tufts of feathers called Plumincorns. #animalfacts (Post will include link to “Flights of Wonder” show)

Tuesday, Dec. 10

Facebook: Myth or fact: Vultures can help prevent the spread of rabies. Let us know your best guess and we’ll post the correct answer later today! #TriviaTuesday (Post answer a few hours later, “like” all respondents answers)

Twitter: Myth or fact: Vultures can help prevent the spread of rabies. #TriviaTuesday (Post would include link to more information about vultures, RT anyone who answers correctly)

Wednesday, Dec. 11

Facebook: Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a team of veterinarians and staff who care for our animals. Watch a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on when a new animal arrives at the park! #WildlifeWednesday (Post will include link to YouTube Video below)

Twitter: Ever wonder what happens when an animal first arrives at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Watch this video to find out! #WildlifeWednesday (Post will include link to YouTube Video below)

Thursday, Dec. 12

Facebook: Which Animal Kingdom restaurant is your favorite? Post a comment with the restaurant’s name and why it’s your favorite below and we’ll pick one fan to win a $25 gift card to their favorite eatery. (Post winner’s name and their “why” response later in the day)

Twitter: Which #AnimalKingdom restaurant is your favorite? Tweet us and you could win $25 gift card #nomnomnom

Friday, Dec. 13

Facebook: It’s Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? We’re not! In fact we’re feeling lucky and you should be, too! Don’t forget to enter our December photo contest and snap a picture of your family at your favorite exhibit. We’ll pick one winner on Dec. 31. The prize? Four, one-day passes to the park! (Post will include graphic promoting contest and link to rules)

Twitter: Don’t let #Fridaythe13th get you down! Enter to win 4 passes to the park! Here’s what you have to do to enter: (Post will include a link top contest rules)

DAK_RafikiSaturday, Dec. 14

Facebook: Rafiki, the wise baboon from The Lion King, guided Simba back to the Pride Lands, and now he can help us learn about the roles we each play here on Earth. Make sure to check out Rafiki’s Planet Watch when you visit the park. (Post will include link to Rafiki’s Planet Watch webpage)

Twitter: He guided #Simba and now #Rafiki is here to help us learn about the roles we each play on Earth. Visit Rafiki’s Planet Watch today! (Post will include link to Rafiki’s Planet Watch webpage)

Sunday, Dec. 15

Facebook: Make a furry friend in Affection Section! A petting zoo for kids of all ages. Which animal was your favorite to get up close and personal with? (Post will include photo collage of animals)

Twitter: RT if you like getting up close and personal with some of the animals in #AffectionSection (Post will include photo collage of animals)

Monday, Dec. 16

Facebook: Is your Christmas shopping done? If you’re still looking for that perfect gift, why not come back and visit us?! Enter our December photo contest today! (Post will include graphic promoting contest and a link to contest rules)

Twitter: Still looking for the perfect #Christmas gift? Enter our photo contest and win something amazing for free! (Post will included shortened link to contest rules)


Tuesday, Dec. 17

Facebook: Myth or fact: Manatees are closely related to cows (or walruses, or seals). Let us know your best guess and we’ll post the correct answer later today! #TriviaTuesday (Post answer a few hours later, “like” all respondents answers)

Twitter: Myth or fact: Manatees are closely related to cows (or walruses, or seals). #TriviaTuesday (Post would include link to more information about vultures, RT anyone who answers correctly)

Wednesday, Dec. 18 

Facebook: Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund reaches a major milestone: 1,000 grants since 1995 for critical conservation Needs. Read more here! #WildlifeWednesday (Post will include link to blog entry)

Twitter: Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund reaches major milestone. #WildlifeWednesday (Post will include shortened link to blog entry)

Thursday, Dec. 19

Facebook: Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened on Earth Day, April 22, 1998. Check out this #tbt “first look” adventure. (Post will include link to YouTube video below)

Twitter: A “first look” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom circa 1998. #tbt (Post will include shortened link to YouTube video below)

Friday, Dec. 20

Facebook: Go Wild at Conservation Station! This is a must see at the park for animal lovers of all ages. With interactive exhibits and a viewable onsite research facility you can get a first-hand look at Disney’s animal conservation efforts. (Post would include picture of Conservation Station and link to wear to find it on a map of the Animal Kingdom)

Twitter: Learn about Disney’s #conservation efforts here (Post will include link to Conservation Station webpage)

DAK_Mickey Saturday, Dec. 21

Facebook: Which Disney character is your favorite? Have the chance to meet up with Mickey, Minnie, and some of their pals in between your travels at Adventurers Outpost. (Post would include picture and link to a map showing where Adventurers Outpost is located)

Twitter: Which Disney character is your favorite? #Mickey or #Minne (Post would include link showing where Adventurers Outpost is located.

DAK_BoneyardPlayAreaSunday, Dec. 22

Facebook: Are your kids obsessed with Dinosaurs? Then Dino Land U.S.A. is the place for them! And The Boneyard is a great place for them to get some energy out and channel their inner-archeologist! Learn more here! (Post will include a link to The Boneyard webpage)

Twitter: A hands-on experience for kids to go digging for #dinosaur fossils #TheBoneyard. RT if your kids are obsessed with dinosaurs. (Post will include a shortened link to The Boneyard webpage)

DAK_giraffeMonday, Dec, 23

Facebook: You named her, now see what she’s up to! Mosi, our first Masai giraffe born in the park, recently turned six-months-old. See how much she’s grown and what she spends her days doing. (Post will include link to updated blog on Mosi)

Twitter: See what Mosi, the Masai #giraffe has been up to! She’s six-month-old now! (Post will include shortened link to updated blog on Mosi)

Tuesday, Dec. 24

Facebook: As your kids prepare for Santa’s arrival, does your family leave snacks for the reindeer along with milk and cookies? If so, what snacks do you leave out for Santa’s helpers?

Twitter: RT if you’re kids will wake up tomorrow to a Diseny-themed surprise? Maybe a trip to the #AnimalKingdom? #Christmas

Wednesday, Dec. 25

Facebook: From all of your friends, with two legs and four, Disney’s Animal Kingdom wishes your family a very Merry Christmas!

Twitter: Merry #Christmas from all of your friends (including the fury ones) at Disney’s #AnimalKingdom!

Thursday, Dec. 26

Facebook: Did you kids received anything Disney-related for Christmas? If so, post a picture here to our wall and share your favorite Disney Christmas memories!

Twitter: RT if your kids received a Disney-related #Christmas present this year!

Friday, Dec. 27

Facebook: Experience Expedition Everest from the point-of-view of a rider! Check out one visitor’s video. (Post will include link to YouTube video below)

Twitter: VIDEO: Disney’s #ExpeditionEverest ride from a visitor’s point-of-view (Post will include shortened link to YouTube Video below)

Saturday, Dec. 28


Facebook: Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh my! Okay, maybe not bears, but what about a wildebeest, or a gazelle, or a rhino!  Join us for a wildlife adventure in an open-air vehicle to catch a glimpse of animals in a natural habitat. Sign up today! (Post will include picture collage of animals and link to webpage where people can sign up for a safari)

Twitter: Find out how you can catch a glimpse exotic wild #animals in a natural habitat. #animalkingdom (Post will include link to sign up for a safari adventure)

Sunday, Dec. 29

Facebook: Did you know the Tree of Life is the centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Standing 145 feet tall, 50 feet wide at

DAK_TreeofLifeSculptureits base, the Tree of Life is home to over 300 meticulously detailed animal carvings throughout it’s massive trunk, roots, and branches. It symbolizes the diversity, beauty, and interconnected nature of Earth’s creatures. (Post would include picture of Tree of Life.

Twitter: Did you know? Disney’s #TreeofLife stands 145 ft. tall and 50 ft. wide at its base. It symbolizes nature’s diversity and beauty. (Post to include link to picture of Tree of Life)

Monday, Dec. 30

Facebook: Today is the last day you can submit a photo of your favorite exhibit in Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Remember to include #animaniacs in your post. We’ll pick one fan to win four, one-day passes to the park! The winner will be announced tomorrow. (Post will include graphic promoting contest and link to official rules)

Twitter: Last day to enter our  photo contest! Post a picture of your favorite exhibit and include #animaniacs. We’ll announce the winner tomorrow! (Post will include link to official rules)

Tuesday, Dec. 31

Facebook: And the winner is…. We are excited to announce the winner of our December photo contest! Thanks to everyone who submitted #animaniacs pictures of their favorite exhibits. Congrats, ______, you have won four, one-day passes to the Animal Kingdom! We can’t wait for you to visit us soon! (Post would include actual winning photo)

Twitter: And the winner of this month’s photo contest is: _____ . Congrats on winning 4 day passes to the #animalkingdom! #animaniacs

Industry-Specific Social Networks: Sermo

When it comes to social networks, we’re all familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and the list goes on and on. These general social networks are places where we can connect with anyone, anywhere, and about pretty much anything. But did you know there are industry-specific social networks? Previously, I had only really thought about LinkedIn as a professional social network, but there are social networks targeted toward specific industries everywhere. One of these networks is Sermo.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 5.16.55 PM

Sermo is a social network, founded in 2005, for physicians licensed in the U.S. In fact, it’s the largest physician-only social network, with approximately 200,000 users and counting, covering 68 medical specialities. The site was created by Daniel Palestrant, M.D., after he saw a need for physicians to connect in new ways in this ever-changing healthcare world. In 2012, WorldOne, a New York-based healthcare data firm, bought the social network for an undisclosed amount.


Sermo states that users spend up to 40,000 hours a month on the site, staying connected to other physicians and gaining knowledge about what’s happening when it comes to medical treatments and advancements, as well as, hot button topics, such as healthcare reform.

Peer-to- Peer Relationships

It’s a platform for physicians to connect with other physicians across the country, engage in peer-to-peer dialogue, ask questions, create and take part in polls, and even have access to “on-call” physicians who are standing by to answer questions that may have some urgency connected to them.


Sermo also has an iPhone app, where physicians can have access to the social network and its resources at their fingertips. With the iConsult feature, physicians can share photos, lab and imaging results, EKGs, and more, with other physicians right from a patient’s bedside.

Daily News Feed Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 5.24.19 PM

Users have access to daily news articles across specialty areas from leading peer-reviewed medical journals and conferences.

Focus Groups

Physicians can provide candid feedback on a range of topics during private and moderated discussions. Most focus groups are held over an extended period of time, so physicians have the convenience of participating on their own schedules.


Physicians can post their own poll questions or participate in others’. Polls usually deal with timely trends or ongoing topics.

How Does Sermo Make a Profit?

There are no ads on Sermo. The company makes money by allowing industry companies (pharmaceutical, medical research, etc.) to listen in and watch what is being said by its members. Physicians can choose to be as public or anonymous in their profiles and what they post.

Physicians can also get a cut of the profits. Doctors who ask or answer a question that paying observers deem especially valuable can receive $5 to $25 per post. Palestrant admits, only about 1 percent of posts have such payments associated with them and doctors don’t know whether they’re getting paid until the discussion triggered by their question is closed. My guess is that most users aren’t signing and up and participating because they may get reimbursed.

My Take on Sermo sermo_logo_small

I’m not a physician, but I work in the healthcare industry and that’s why I was drawn to this industry-specific social network. Overall, I think it’s a cool platform for physicians to easily collaborate, learn about new medical information, and ask questions. But I do have some concerns about it. How secure is the network? If a physician posts a picture of a patient, hopefully they can’t actually be identified. In healthcare, there’s this thing called HIPAA and it’s a big deal. I’m sure no physician wants to comprise their patient’s privacy, but posting on a social network does seem risky, especially if industry companies (who are not all physicians) are “listening in.” On the flip side, if a physician has an important question answered or learns something new by being a member, maybe patient care can be enhanced.

Despite having more than 200,000 users, Sermo’s audience and reach is pretty limited, especially since it’s only for physicians in the U.S. currently. This limited audience makes sense when you think about the differences in the way healthcare is delivered worldwide, but I think it’ll ultimately limited the network’s reach and status among other social networks.

Proximity Marketing

Sermo could have some potential for proximity marketing (also commonly known as location-based advertising) in some sense. While Sermo doesn’t have advertisers, it could focus things like the daily news feed and poll questions toward a certain region or speciality. This might help physicians learn about what others in their area are doing when it comes to delivering healthcare. I do think many probably benefit from learning from others all over the country, but maybe there could be ways to target “regional” information versus “national.”


Sermo currently does pretty well with integrated marketing communications (IMC). Despite being an industry-specific social network, it takes advantage of other platforms, including YouTube and Twitter. The site also hosts a blog which includes timely topics and topics all physicians should consider. Even though I’m not a physician, most of the posts I read were interesting. There’s also a section for “Sermo Stories” about how the network has helped real physicians. This type of testimonial section, helps Sermo tell it’s own story, which is an important part of any marketing mix.

Overall, I find Sermo interesting and I see it’s purpose in the healthcare industry. I asked a few physicians who I work with if they use it. All said no, but would be interested in learning more. So, while Sermo’s audience may be limited, it looks like there’s room for growth and that’s a positive aspect of any social network.


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